There is a place for you at IPA. On-stage or Backstage.

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What's Happening at IPA!

• Community Band - meeting Thursday nights at 406 Central

• Community Choir - Tuesdays at 7, beginning April 30

• Celebration in the Ville - May 10 and 11, 2024, scavenger hunt destination, building tours, community band playing

• Discover Connersville at the Oasis - June 11

• Railroad murder mysteries - 2 weekends over the summer

• Discover kids - 1 week summer 2024

• Hullabaloo - July 12-14 - original variety show

• Fractured fairy tales - Oct 25, 26. A non-haunted house at Halloween for the younger kids

• Elder Lunch in May 16, 11:30. Band combo and Cindy

• Fair Parade 

• Open Mic nights - TBD

• Classes 

• Workshops


Welcome Instrumentalists!

This branch of IPA is devoted to those who wish to play in a band, orchestra, small group or with the pit for a local musical. Use your musical talents to entertain in the community and meet lots of like minded people.

We invite you to contact us if you would like to be a part of this branch of Imagine Performing Arts.